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Archipelago Doctors and Archipelago Instruments launch special new tweezers

Z tweezersArchipelago Instruments Oy is a new company based in Iniö, Western Finland, established by Janne Castrén, M.D., the founder of Archipelago Doctors private medical service. The company has now launched Z-tweezers for the easy and safe removal of ticks. The tweezers design is based on both the experience gained by Dr. Castrén from tricky tick removal procedures and the feedback given by patients and colleagues about the inadequacy of existing tools on the market. Z-tweezers are ideal for removing ticks of all sizes, as well as other foreign objects lodged in the skin, such as wood and glass splinters. The tweezers allow you to take a good hold of the tick exactly where required, making it possible to pull out the suckers left in the skin after the tick itself has been removed. The product is sold in all well-stocked pharmacies.

The right technique for removing ticks and the role of this technique in preventing the transmission of disease

If you get bitten by a tick
instructionDo not 
- panic
- scratch or otherwise try to remove the tick stuck in the skin
- apply butter or any other ointment to the tick.
- the Z-tweezers
- apply an antiseptic lotion to the bite both before and after removing the tick
- wash your hands after removing the tick
- carefully clean the tweezers after use.

Early removal of the tick may prevent pathogens from being transmitted from the tick into the bloodstream. In particular, the transmission of the Borrelia Bacteria may be prevented if the tick is removed within the first few hours.

The pointed Z-tweezers provide the best way of removing ticks because they allow the tick's head to be held firmly without squeezing its body (if the body is squeezed, the tick may inject pathogens, such as Borrelia Bacteria, into the bloodstream).

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